Better group decision-making

IdeaClouds eliminates meetings dominated by a few, and transforms them into a highly engaging and participative experience for all people, regardless of IT-skills, language proficiency or cultural background.

Higher participation

Everyone can contribute right away! Super fast onboarding. Real-time collaboration without fear of criticism.​

Faster decisions

Evaluate without bias, mutual influence and peer pressure. Multidimensional evaluation methods for voting and rating.

Better results

Rankings and charts. No documentation effort. Download structured results in various export formats.

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Our approach

Open and fearless collaboration!

If the team is not working - change the way of collaboration, not the team.

Many meetings don’t produce useful results. Someone talks all the time. The others don’t get a chance to speak. In the end, one person makes the decision for everyone. Good results look different…

Instead of scheduling more and more meetings with more and more participants, it is advisable to try out more result-oriented ways of collaboration and decision-making. Focus on results, not chit-chat!

IdeaClouds is based on more than 10 years of research on teamwork and creativity support. IdeaClouds helps teams overcome the psychological hurdles, increase participation and facilitate collaborative decision making. 

Break down the main social and psychological hurdles to increase participation!

  • Production blocking: Let the participants contribute ideas in writing and in parallel. Otherwise, participants have to wait to get a word because not everyone can speak at the same time.
  • Social loafing: Take into account that the more participants, the lower the participation.
  • Zoom fatigue: Avoid overstimulation through exhausting video conferences and cluttered, confusing whiteboards.
  • Fear of criticism: Anonymity takes away the uncertainty for the participants to think about how others might judge their ideas.
  • Killer phrases: Premature criticism should be avoided at all costs. It inhibits the participants and destroys creativity.
  • Bias: Dot voting is not a good way to evaluate ideas because you can see others’ votes. This enables mutual influence.

How it works

Don’t be busy – be productive!



Collect all ideas of your team super fast. Group and cluster them. Upload images. Every idea counts. Everyone has their say. Ideas can be contributed anonymously. No one has to be afraid of criticism.



Avoid endless discussions and premature criticism. Protect participants from influences and biases. All participants can evaluate the ideas democratically. The others do not see their evaluations.  


Get results

The results are presented in a ranking and a diagram. Ready for export to Excel, Word and PDF. No documentation effort! The results should be processed? No problem, just start a follow-up session!

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Don't waste time with pointless meetings and endless discussions!